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Your Good Idea Fairy is run by Tara Chantal Silver founder of SilverStrategy, a full-service boutique public relations and public affairs firm based in Washington, D.C.  Silver, a Montreal native and true poutine lover was the recipient of the 2011 Washington Woman in PR’s Emerging Leaders Award. Silver is a co-founder of DC Entrepreneurship Week (DCEW) that coincides with Global Entrepreneurship Week every year and has sat on the boards of numerous local non-profit organizations around the city.

SilverStrategy delivers creative, comprehensive services for clients in the business, nonprofit, government and arts spaces. Their innovative approaches elevate clients in the media and marketplace and extensive contacts and relationships with professionals in various industries help to maximize their clients’ opportunities for exposure, growth and success.

SilverStrategy Provides:

Media Consulting, Strategic Communications, Event Planning, Image Branding, Creative Marketing Campaigns, Partnership and Coalition Building and Business and Organizational Development.

For more information about SilverStrategy check out our website, SilverStrategy.com or contact: info@silverstrategy.com. Follow us on facebook and twitter.

Welcome to SilverStrategy’s Blog

Posted on May 6, 2011 by SilverStrategy

I founded SilverStrategy in 2008, as the “Little Startup That Could”, after many years of successful consulting for friends and colleagues. I constantly found myself playing the role of “Fairy Godmother” to many contacts in both my professional and personal life – counseling them on their life goals, business ideas, strategies, outreach and organizational skills.

Almost three years ago I decided to take this skill-set and officially launch my own public relations and public affairs firm, SilverStrategy. I’ve been called a lot of nicknames over the years, but there’s one that stuck — “Your Good Idea Fairy” — and that’s what the blog’s name became.  With this site, I hope to continue the advice-giving ability for you.

SilverStrategy’s base is in D.C., but we work with growing business across the country to garner media attention, run communications platforms, plan events, consult on business development, and build brands and partnerships. We put a heavy emphasis on strategic and targeted partnership and coalition building at SilverStrategy, which we have come to realize is crucial when building alliances and seeking publicity, opening up a whole new world of development for businesses we work with.

SilverStrategy has worked with a wide variety of clients from every field, we tell our clients that growth and outreach takes more than just waving one’s magic wand and having things appear– it takes hard work, targeting contacts and the right approach – what we refer to as the SilverAdvantage.

In this blog, we plan on doing more than just showing potential clients what we could do for them. We hope to create a forum for ideas that can help entrepreneurs to succeed.

Check back often to find helpful articles about the changing industry, tips and advice, as well as interesting news articles and some recent press on selected current clients of the firm’s.

We encourage you to comment on this post and others in the future with your thoughts and questions. Starting your own business can seem like an enormous challenge, but we are here to guide you along the way. After all, we know what it’s like, and we’ve been there too.

For more on our firm check out our website, silverstrategy.com or email us at info@silverstrategy.com

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