7 Steps to Getting the Clients You Want

As September draws to a close, we must accept what we’ve all been avoiding: summer’s over!  It’s time to refocus on setting goals for garnering new business and clients.  So now that we understand this, how are we going to go about getting these new clients?

Knowledge of what kind of clients you want and taking the necessary steps to obtain them is one of the most valuable assets an entrepreneur can have.  You’ll never get those clients you wish you had if you don’t go after them in the first place.  Sounds obvious, but something we all need to remind ourselves of.


Here are 7 solid steps to help you get the clients you deserve:

1)    Envision the client you want.  Who are they?  Where are they?  Now take a non-erasable pen and paper, and write it down.  Make it concrete so that you can refer back to it if you lose focus.

2)    Decide how many of these clients you’re targeting and when, and write that down too.

3)    Tell all of your friends and contacts about the clients you want.  They’re probably closer than you think, and those in your circle may help you find them. Often connections come from your larger circle (as opposed to your over tapped smaller circle) or someone in your circle’s other circle that has yet to be tapped into.

4)    Go after those people.  Follow up on suggestions and start building relationships.

5)    Attend any functions at which you think that your ideal client could be in attendance.  A business relationship can start from something as simple as a casual conversation.

6)    Keep note of the people you meet.  Pick a time every few days to sit down and read about what they’ve been up to (in a non-stalker-ish way) and follow up with anyone you’ve been in contact with. If it’s not the right time for them, where appropriate ask the new contact if they can refer you to others you might be able to link up with.

7)    Lastly, yet very importantly, make sure that once you have set your sights on the client/contact you want, you understand how to promote and pitch yourself in a targeted manner with the client you’re looking to get.

Following these 7 steps will put you on the path towards getting the clients you’ve been unnecessarily waiting to track down.  Now instead of lamenting the end of the slow season, ring in fall knowing whom you want and how you’re going to get them.



About SilverStrategy

SilverStrategy is a Washington, D.C. based public relations and public affairs firm. We assist clients with forward-thinking campaigns and use strategic planning in order to gain exposure and achieve our clients’ goals. We provide: - Media Consulting and Training - Strategic Communications - Business Development - Event Planning - Fundraising - Image Branding and - Marketing campaigns for clients across all industries. Utilizing our unique edge, we converge our many resources within the press, business and non-profit industries to build our clients’ publicity. Bottom line: we create new opportunities for growth and partnerships.
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