The Conclusion: ‘I-Do’s’ of daterViewing

With this conclusion to our last 6 posts, our daterViewing series on HyperVocal has come to an end with this last blog post (but there will be more on other fun stuff) . We hope you have learned something helpful throughout this series and that the series provided some valuable resources and guidelines to follow if you find yourself daterViewing.

We all know it has become more difficult to balance and succeed in both our personal and professional lives. We want the right job, the right relationship and all at the right time. Don’t give up, it’s all possible – but know that it won’t always be easy either!

While most folks will size you up the minute you walk in the door, and we all agree that first impressions are crucial, keep an open mind when you go on a date or an interview for a job that doesn’t immediately feel like “the one”… Take the time to enjoy the dating process. Don’t skip the necessary steps and jump start on planning your pending wedding. Don’t make him the priority over of getting to know the other person yourself, (by waiting to see what s/he thinks and waiting on them) give YOURSELF the chance to decide if s/he’s really a good fit for you or not. When you rush this process, you start to lose your own free will and miss out on the real RED FLAGS many folks tend to ignore because they get so excited; they want the other person to be as perfect as they hoped they might be.

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