Desperation vs. Enthusiasm: Surviving the Dater-Viewing Experience

Below is the latest daterViewing post I wrote for HyperVocal. The entire piece is linked here.

So, you might have been unemployed for the last three to six months and are now feeling as desperate as your dating attempts have left you frustrated. We’ve all experienced low points, those moments when it seems like there is no point of return to normalcy or happiness. The last few dater-viewing posts will put you well on your way to success.

How you come across in these instances will help decide your fate, so listen up. While interviewing for a job, show enthusiasm and interest, but balance it so that it doesn’t come across as desperate, even if you have been unemployed for a year, sell yourself. Feeling unwanted or undesirable quickly translates to making you feel like you’re at a low point. Make sure you exude confidence and optimism, so don’t let your interviewer know how discouraged your job search makes you feel. Sell yourself well and show value, because discouragement will tarnish your worth. Just like how men and women are put off by clingy folks, your future boss wants to know that you are a viable and valuable candidate for the job, and so should you!

Some do’s and don’ts for you…


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