Surviving the Cut-Throat, Exhausting, Make-or-Break-It “Dater-Viewing” Experience PART IV: VERBAL PREPAREDNESS

While it’s human behavior for us to make assumptions about new people we meet based on non-verbal cues (posture, clothing, gestures, eye contact, use of space) how you handle yourself within the “met” will be what helps you to score that round two!

Non-verbal cues remain crucial in creating first impressions but ensuring that you’re establishing a growing relationship lies in word power-verbal communication.

Whether it is your future boss or your soul mate, your best bet is to always put your best foot forward through both non-verbal cues as well as verbally and below is an outline of some helpful hints and do’s and don’ts to get you started. Master this and you’ll be on your way to not only figuring out if your date is as creepy as his wink was but also potentially scoring a new job with that intimidating looking interviewer …

DO’S Be confident. Sell yourself. Highlight your attributes but keep your ego in check.Ditto


Past dating experiences not always appropriate for a first date.

Upon a first meeting, the female should be doing more of the talking (at least over 55%).

Sure, but don’t drill


DittoBe polite and curtious.

Try to create an environment where there is more of a conversation if you can –“ping-pong” a back and forth over a drilling Q&A, so the convo is more at ease and you can feed well off of each other.

Show how your past experiences will benefit the company you are interviewing with.

Upon a first meeting, the interviewee should be doing more of the talking (over 65%).

Have prepared questions.

Show interest and stay engaged.

DON’TS Show strengths/talents, but don’t act arrogant and don’t recite your resume.Don’t talk negatively, don’t bad mouth ex’s, in fact don’t talk about them at all- it’s not hot!

Don’t lie.

Don’t grill your date with questions. They will feel uneasy/put on the spot, judged, tense and annoyed.


Ditto but ok to talk through professional experience in detail and talk up your resume here!Don’t bad mouth former employers.

Don’t Lie.

If you handle yourself correctly interviewer will ask questions in a convo style and not grill.


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