Surviving the Cut-Throat, Exhausting, Make-or-Break-It “Dater-Viewing” Experience PART II

Below is part of a recent blog post I wrote for HyperVocal – the second as part of a series on “dater-Viewing”. HyperVocal is an online news source for the Facebook Generation that brings readers viral news, entertainment, and opinion…Taking the reins from the old guard. Enjoy!

In our intro to dater-Viewing post we approached the subject matter of how interviewing and dating differs and how important it is to understand these variances and prepare yourself for both. Over the next five plus weeks we will graph out major themes in dater-Viewing and do’s and don’ts for each subject matter, many of which pointers go for both dating and interviewing and many that do not!!

Below broaches how to act on an interview and date and how to prepare to get one of those, otherwise known as Hunting Season!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hunting Season (pre-date/interview):

DO’S Network at social events. Contacts can be your greatest asset.Always look presentable and appropriately dressed.

Ditto- On dating sites

Fine. Google him if you feel you need too, but please, don’t let it slip that you did and that you think his mom’s dog Fluffy looked adorable in the family Christmas photo! “Creeper!”)                               


Keep your online searching and profile pages presentable, you are branding yourself and know that each will check out Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter.

Do your research! Learn about the company, their leadership, and those interviewing you. Find common denominators that might be useful to connect with leadership that will be meeting with you.

DON’TS Don’t look for just the hottest guy. Look for substance and long term compatibility. Don’t search for jobs because of the title.  Make sure you’re challenged, like the company’s mission and that you are well suited for the job description.  Set yourself up for success!

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