Surviving the Cut-Throat-Exhausting-Decision-Making-Make-or-Break-It “dater-Viewing” Experience

Below is part of a recent blog post I wrote for HyperVocal – the first as part of a series on “dater-Viewing”. HyperVocal is an online news source for the Facebook Generation that brings readers viral news, entertainment, and opinion…Taking the reins from the old guard. Enjoy!

January is a time when everyone, from you (and your mother) starts dreaming about upgrading from their current job to new and better prospects. And alas with all those dreams comes what is needed to make it all actually happen, the interview! Some of us can’t wait for a chance to prove and show off our classy skill-set and others prefer to lunge off a bridge (with the proper cable wires of course), but whatever your pleasure, it’s the crucial step towards climbing the so-called corporate ladder (unless you’re involved in some big-time nepotism at which point you might have to start considering some serious marriage proposals).

While this is an atypical posting for Your Good Idea Fairy – as we usually focus on entrepreneurship and communications (and other random stuff) we just couldn’t resist this one…

So, if your pleasure is the challenge of an interview or bungee jumping because of it – it’s time to start thinking about reassessing your interview skills. In a recent blog post we discussed the Interview for the Interviewer and after seeing some very debatable and inexcusable actions and comments at one too many networking events and holiday parties this season, I just had to set some vital parameters. You can thank me later!

On Your Good Idea Fairy (#YGIF) we provide some real guidelines on networking and goal setting  and it’s time to assess the difference between professional networking, small talk, prepping for the  interview, the interview and how, my friends, that DIFFERS greatly from your roles in the dating  and singles scene in a place where often business and pleasure collide….Pay close attention ladies  and gents- trust us on this one!

Ever been the target of a job interview that felt more like a speed-dating event or a date with more    brain-wrenching and drilling questions than a job interview? Or is the driller you?

I often meet brilliant and talented women and men who are great in the board room, but happen to   be lacking in the…uh, dating world and vice versa. I am always surprised by some folks approach    on what’s appropriate for a date, and, even worse, for an interview. As empowered professionals,  we all have our strong suits so it’s vital that we use our strengths to improve our weaknesses. We  should also treat a date as a real opportunity to get to know someone, and not just to scope out his  or her resume for what we think are the required prerequisites (known to many women as “the  checklist” – you know you have one).

When it comes to a job interview and dating, yes, there seems to be a lot of similarities, but there are also sharp differences. The blur between what I like to call “dater-Viewing” can be difficult to navigate, to say the least, especially in cities like DC, LA, and NYC, and can often become traumatic if we take the wrong turn. So let’s try to make some clear and general divisions between the two.

In this series of posts we will dissect the Do’s and Don’ts of dater-Viewing:

– Hunting Season (pre-date/interview) and How to Act on Each

– Visual Preparedness

– Onsite Do’s and Don’ts

– Desperation vs. Interest and Enthusiasm

– Post Planning

– And whatever else I am inspired to include along the way…


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