For the Love of the Jobs

This was a short clip I came across with Steve Jobs that I had not seen until now, short and sweet.  Here he talks about entrepreneurship and says, some variation of… Its so hard, you have to love what you do, or any rational person would give up. So true Steve!

Building a business can kick your butt and drag you through the mud, and many other things, but the biggest driver needs to be your passion and enough of it to carry you through the insane ride you unknowingly signed yourself up for. As we all know passion is often not rational but we wouldn’t be human without it and life would be somewhat less interesting.

The key to success in any venture can be found in one idea: You have to love what you do (want to do). Having love for what you do allows you to go above and beyond during stressful times. If you don’t love your job, when the time comes to have to persist through hardship, your lack of passion can defeat and define you. So when you need a little extra love you have to be able to dig deep within yourself and find it.

If you don’t want to listen to Your Good Idea Fairy listen to Steve…



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