The Biggest Picture

Having a personal level of self-discipline is a necessary characteristic for setting and accomplishing goals for any entrepreneur… probably a given.

But not for all, so to sharpen that internal self-discipline there are the obvious tips you can follow ie. fully committing to a project and following through, not using (too many) excuses to prolong work, and creating an effective scheduling system to ensure proactive time management are just a few game-A strategies.  All of these tips are useful because at one point or another, people get side tracked, procrastinate, and push off getting important work completed, if not, you are probably not of the human race.

While the above is a necessity to see through any short-term project or goals, these strategies don’t always account for completing long-term strategic planning. Sometimes you get so caught up in the tangle of these smaller steps that you lose site of the bigger picture.

As we all know in today’s economy, there are many limitations to think about. Yes, resources, personnel, time and budget can all be limiting factors, so the key here is to step back for a second and catch your breath.

When building a business and working on both short and long term goals ask yourself these evaluative questions:

  • What’s my end goal?
  • Where should I be focusing my time?
  • What/Who do I need to accomplish my goals?
  • Will these smaller projects help me get to where I want to be or is it just a “time filler”?
  • What are my next steps?

By always reminding yourself of your long-term goals in any project, you will ensure that in a world of so called limitations, you are pushing yourself to accomplish what you truly set out to achieve. By concentrating on how you spend your time, you can evaluate whether the projects you are working on truly fit within the big picture.



About SilverStrategy

SilverStrategy is a Washington, D.C. based public relations and public affairs firm. We assist clients with forward-thinking campaigns and use strategic planning in order to gain exposure and achieve our clients’ goals. We provide: - Media Consulting and Training - Strategic Communications - Business Development - Event Planning - Fundraising - Image Branding and - Marketing campaigns for clients across all industries. Utilizing our unique edge, we converge our many resources within the press, business and non-profit industries to build our clients’ publicity. Bottom line: we create new opportunities for growth and partnerships.
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