“Art of Delegation” and Other Things-

As an effective leader of a company you must be many things to many people, while still being able to be a good and active listener, motivator, and inspiration to others. One other critical component of an excellent leader is the ability to recognize and cultivate talent. Every entrepreneur should make this a priority as your company may only be as good as your staff will allow for. Keeping this in mind, praise deserving employees, partners, consultants, dog-walkers, you get it- for their participation and hard work as they support your big and small picture efforts. [Note to self: building a business is not all about you, you need others’ help and support for next level growth] Recognizing the potential in people and rewarding them for it, will be what helps others to flourish and grow. As a small business owner you must understand how to lead, manage and delegate so that you can simultaneously support your staff and facilitate this growing process.

As the leaders of your business you MUST learn the “Art of Delegation” so that your business can flourish even if your not directly touching each project.  I always say, the sign of a true leader is one who can step back when needed and allow others to shine and lead.

If none of your staff can do this, then you haven’t done your job. Plus you know your successful when you’ve worked hard, raised the cash, hired the right team, sold your products and know, if you can take an extended vacation, your trustworthy staff will make sure the business is still doing exactly what it needs to be. Making money.

Here is a video I liked on Richard Branson’s Advice for Entrepreneurs that echos some of this:



About SilverStrategy

SilverStrategy is a Washington, D.C. based public relations and public affairs firm. We assist clients with forward-thinking campaigns and use strategic planning in order to gain exposure and achieve our clients’ goals. We provide: - Media Consulting and Training - Strategic Communications - Business Development - Event Planning - Fundraising - Image Branding and - Marketing campaigns for clients across all industries. Utilizing our unique edge, we converge our many resources within the press, business and non-profit industries to build our clients’ publicity. Bottom line: we create new opportunities for growth and partnerships.
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