100’s of Tips for the Interviewee…What About the Interviewer?

There is a ton of information, tips and even classes offered that are geared to providing the interviewee with the best strategies for nailing an interview and answering tough questions.

But what about the interviewer? It’s often assumed that since they are the ones asking the questions and making the decisions, they know exactly what to do and can do no wrong. Anyone who has ever been interviewed knows this is not the case.

Here are some important tips to consider for the interview process:

1. Don’t give questions to your interviewee in advance.

2. Aim to have the interview sound more like a conversation, once they are relaxed you will get more out of the interviewee.

3. Remember that your guest is the star…not you. You shouldn’t be talking more than 10-20% of the conversation if your goal is to learn about their potential capabilities.

4. Shut up and let them respond. Having the interviewee speak so you can listen and learn will tell you a lot and give you a more authentic read of who the person really is and how they interact.

5. Prepare questions and get needed responses BUT be open to the flow of the conversation and its direction.

6. Play back key words or phrases from their response to see how they elaborate on relevant topics.

For more on the matter check out an article by Brad Phillips: http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/9718.aspx




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