Learning to Speak Body Language

I recently had a conversation with a client of mine who is an international niche expert in his field and very academic, but may not be as comfortable in other aspects of business, such as the ability to communicate and connect with others. We discussed the importance of communicating with his own clients and what he portrays when conversing with them. I reminded him that the way he interacts with clients and represents himself reflects on his brand and ability to garner business.

Although your words are important, your body language is just as, if not more vital of a tool when selling yourself and representing your brand. Everything from eye contact, hand motions, positioning, and spatial proximity gives off some type of non-verbal communication.

I found a fantastic interview by Mark Ragan (who always has fascinating resources on the field) with the President of MediaNet, Tom Mucciolo where he discusses this often-way-too-neglected-too-important-confidence-building topic to ignore. He explains the importance of being aware of one’s gestures because they are constantly giving off messages that are representative of one’s brand and image. He gives a number of great examples, such as highlighting that using hand gestures correctly and at accurate times, can portray effective messaging with your audience, client or coworker.

Knowing how to use non-verbal communication effectively is vital not only in a professional setting but any real-life situation. Non-verbal communication affects every aspect of life because ultimately, it’s all about making positive connections with others.

I’m not advocating changing who you are in order to give off a certain message, but instead to be and present the best you, strong and confident in your gestures so they compliment your spoken words.

We all have something to learn and can be more cognizant of what we’re saying when not moving our lips.

Enjoy the video, and try some of its tips!

Speaking Body Language


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4 Responses to Learning to Speak Body Language

  1. Dave says:

    Other things to think about with the hands is when on camera, keep them close to you while gesticulating so as not to make them look larger as you extend your arms to the camera.

  2. Dave says:

    One thing women can do to appear less apprehensive is to cross their legs toward the person they are speaking with and not vice versa. The opposite tends to indicate creating a barrier and that the woman is uncomfortable.

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