Keep Pushing Part II

When I look back on what got me through challenging times, I always consider the passion and enthusiasm I felt for the field of public relations and the courage it took to forge my own path. I remind myself that my passion always inspired me to look ahead, through better or worse, and that even at its worst there probably is nothing to little else I’d rather be doing.

I often talk to hopeful business owners who ask me how I survived in this economic climate and what advice I have for them. The truth, above all else, is to start with a concept that you are passionate about, something that got you excited just thinking about.

Make sure to dream, and think big! If you can’t dream or even imagine it, then you can’t create it.

Have faith in yourself; people will take notice of confidence and the special contributions you make. Often, the only real limitations you have are the ones you place on yourself so be careful to not become your own worst critique. You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. The only way to accomplish your goals and dreams is to take great risks, but be smart about them. Play situations and concepts out in your head first and make sure they make sense.

In order to succeed, you must be able and willing to analyze situations through different frames of mind.  This allows us the opportunity to question ourselves, keep us on the right path and in-check with our original goals in a long-term, constructive manner. Always try to keep true to your goals and aspirations (emphasis on try), stay positive, and push yourself regardless of how difficult or trying a task may be. Starting your own business is hard work, (trust me) but if you have the necessary tools, the passion, and the drive you can push through!

Most importantly, believe in yourself during the hard times because it is easy to lose control when elements of your efforts and achievements start to fall apart all at the same time. Many entrepreneurs, like myself, are used to executing and making decisions to produce and maintain order, so when many different aspects of your plan and even personal life don’t go according to plan it could feel like you’re losing control and you can begin to start feeling overwhelmed. Trust me, it’s a real downer. Separate each issue and tackle one at a time. If you clump it all together it’s too easy to drown in all the issues you’re having. Keep calm, cool, and collected…long enough to get through the trials and turbulence of the really, really tough moments, you’ll need it!

And often in the end, you will shine through, and that is the greatest reward.


About SilverStrategy

SilverStrategy is a Washington, D.C. based public relations and public affairs firm. We assist clients with forward-thinking campaigns and use strategic planning in order to gain exposure and achieve our clients’ goals. We provide: - Media Consulting and Training - Strategic Communications - Business Development - Event Planning - Fundraising - Image Branding and - Marketing campaigns for clients across all industries. Utilizing our unique edge, we converge our many resources within the press, business and non-profit industries to build our clients’ publicity. Bottom line: we create new opportunities for growth and partnerships.
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